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The wealth challenge!

We all want to see fewer people in poverty, fewer homeless people, fewer pensioners struggling to heat their homes in winter.

Increasing taxes doesn’t work. There is an assumption that the rich can pay more tax and the money raised can be given to those in need. BUT…

The top 1% of earners already pay 27% of all income tax*

The top 50% of earners already pay 90% of all income tax*

So the bottom half of earners pay less than 10% of all income tax*

If we raise taxes much further some of those high-earners will leave the UK. Those who are left will have to pay even more tax.

The best way to solve the wealth gap is to help the poor get wealthier by improving financial literacy

*Source: HMRC/IFS

My Story

I have spent over 35 years working in the field of investment. Most of that time was helping rich people become better off. Working with some of the largest insurance companies in the UK, I have dealt with some of the biggest financial advice firms in the country. In my career I have, been an expert witness on investments, marked exams which adviser must have to be qualified and lectured to thousands of advisers and investors in the UK and abroad.

Now I want to make that knowledge available to as many people as possible…for free!

I’m looking to share a lifetime’s knowledge with as many people as possible and de-mystify the world of investment.


Sea-Kayaker, Ultra-marathon runner, bridge player and part time cook. In my idle moments I write humorous blog – click here

Richard Leeson
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